ID Buzz fluorescing Soundshell
a 3D-printed fluorescing shell which when connected to your phone multiplies its sound

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The ID Buzz is a vehicle made for spontaneous trips and traveling. Music is an important thing for people when they travel. It affects peoples mood and feelings and moreover through music they although defines there lifestyle.


Therefore people need a object which allows them to listen to music inside the ID Buzz and altough outside. They need an aesthetic and iconic object which plays there music and although transports the feeling which the ID Buzz stands for.


The perfect object for that is a fluorescent shell. Through its form it is perfect to be used as an amplifier as well as an iconic object which gives light and orientation and stands as a symbol for the ID Buzz values. It is an object which people like to bring to the beach or somewhere else to listen to there music which although connects the ID Buzz to that places. And how nice is that for customers to configure there personal shell and print it. Who else has his own 3D-printed Shell?

Need addressed by this product

Different shapes, shell types and colors allow customers to highly individualise there personal fluorescing speaker.

Further elaboration of the product

The fluorescent shell can be used inside and outside the ID Buzz for music and light.

Further elaboration of the product

It its although a great thing for kids to play around and have some sort of a light at night. Especially when the are alone in the Buzz trying to sleep and there parents are still sitting outside.

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