Potty is aportable toilet that will upgrade your camping experience.

2: Young people driven by design & innovation and 1: Families with kids


VW Buzz has a great culture behind it and it represents a life style that full with freedom with the respect of the environment around it. In my opinion the target groups both often has supontaneous trips to everywhere they want. Those trips may be with their family or their wild friends. they will stay in Buzz for several days so they will have some basic needs and I think Buzz may have some complimentary accessories for those basic needs.


When the user goes for a long trip it is possible that he/she can not find the rest rooms around especially in the middle of an adventure. In the need of a toilet every adventurer has to go in to the jungle or wait until find one. This process might be exhausting because of unconfortable conditions and enviromental concerns.


In the case of stay over in Buzz, I designed a portable toilet that will provide more confortable experience. It is easy to carry, set up and clean. It also helps keeping camping environment cleaner which is super convinient for the Buzz culture.

Need addressed by this product

Portable toilet for adventurers

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