BE ACTIVE _Mini Cycle
Compact, fun, useful and customizable 3D printed Mini Cycle for your adventures around the BUZZ!

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Both target groups - everyone enjoys a good exercise, yes? Kids and adults alike are keen to practice a bit, and if this can happen during travel, the better! Time will pass quickly, usual cramps from staying still won't happen, mood will be happier.


Buzz includes special sporting equipment which is used both indoors and outdoors, by passengers during travel and during stays. In addition sporting equipment might be taken outside the Buzz and used as street fitness in places like beaches, lakes, etc.


A quick workout while on the road might save precious time, improve well-being and start a day properly! Mini Cycle is about spinning pedals through a specialized device. It is similar to regular bicycle in terms of movement and mostly to fitness bikes. Difficulty of spinning is adjustable, so everyone can practice. Additional features: spinning motion creates energy and it charges your phone; ambient glows on demand; works as music player when paired with proper device; various patterns, etc.

Need addressed by this product

Physical exercises and sport have educational impact. Benefits in motor skill development and performance and mental potential. There is a positive relationship between involvement in physical activities and psycho-social development. For children it is a must! Don't forget the fun and good mood. :)

Further elaboration of the product

BE ACTIVE Mini Cycle can be used both inside and outside the VW I.D. Buzz. Imagine an adventure trip somewhere. Fresh air, clean sky; how do you rejuvenate from the travel and become ready for a long walk? Mini Cycle is the answer. Fix it to the ground and spin for a while, enjoying the environment.

Further elaboration of the product

BE ACTIVE Mini Cycle can switch its position inside the I.D. Buzz, giving all passengers easy access to its exercises. It keeps track of personal achievements, such as workout time, distance covered, generated energy from spinning, used energy for lights and charging, calories burned, etc.