”Semaphore” camping lights
Reinterpretation of the classic ”semaphor” turn signal from the old vw beetle and bus

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Usually, camping in nature means you will be surrounded by darkness during the night.


The interior lights might be sufficient, but many times you have to use the flashlight outside the van.


The ”semaphore” camping lights pop out when you need them and close flush when driving. Being a reinterpretation of the iconic vw semaphore, the ”grandfather” of the blinkers, the design of the lamp is strongly rooted into VW`s heritage.

Need addressed by this product

Inspired by the classic vw bus/beetle turn signals ”Semaphores”, the camping light is a reinterpretation of this iconic device. In this case, the whole device will attatch to the door pillar with magnets, double sided tape or suction cups without other body modifications.

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