Buzz Baby Mirror
Baby mirror for car

1: Families with kids


Experts recommend keeping your baby in a rear-facing car seat during the car trips, but the problem is that it makes it impossible to see them in the rear-view mirror.


There is a solution: there are mirrors that attach directly to the car seat itself, so it reflects in your direction and you can see them perfectly.


The concept is 2 in 1 baby car mirror.

  1. A car mirror for baby's car seat so you can check up on him and drive safely.

  2. The mirror design will have the colors of the car and an organic form with holes in which the parents can attached hanging toys for the baby to keep him occupied during the trip.

Need addressed by this product

For families with small children, a car mirror offers best way to view your baby in the backseat.
No more turning around and straining to see your baby (an incredibly dangerous habit while driving).