a sidebar that protects the parked I.D.BUZZ from dents and scratches of other car doors

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


scratches and dents found on one's car annoy both target groups - in fact all car owners. Small damages to the paint and bodywork often result from other car doors being opened carelessly, while having the car parked on a busy car park or somewhere in town.

clonk < this describes the sound with which a car door that swings open causes a dent in the adjacent car.


these dents and scratches can be avoided at a low cost - with the 3D printable sidebar -noclonk-.


The sidebars can be printed in (up to eight) separate parts divided by the gaps between the doors, and mirrored for both sides of the car. They are made from a slightly flexible (retreating) polymer-material and can be styled individually (see last image for six design options).

The main image shows the noclonk-'Metropolis'-edition on a Buzz, with subtle grey- /glossy-mud paintwork. The other images show the basic option, that meets most tastes, matched with the paint of the Buzz .

Need addressed by this product

the classic problem of cars parked parallel on a busy car park or in town : children (or elderly people, or anyone else) opening the car door but unable (or not bothering) to stop the doors from bumping into the closed doors of the next car > clonk <.

Further elaboration of the product

the -noclonk- sidebar protects the painted sheet metal parts on both sides of the I.D. BUZZ. The appearance of -noclonk-s can either be simple and in line with the splendid design of the BUZZ, or customized by the owner - e.g. with a name or a shark fin.

Further elaboration of the product

the image shows six -noclonk- design options, but of course they are endless...