Personalized Key
3D-Printed housings or inlays can carry a inscription for the key.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The VW Bus is orginially a comercial vehicle, no much extra, plan functional design, etc. Making small adjustments, like colouring or a personally designed interiour etc., is adding intrinsic value.


Because of these small adjustments the car owner gets the feeling that the car really belongs to him and is especially built just for him. It is how you feel about the car.


The housing for the key can have any shape the costumer wants. The housing needs to compatible and removable with the serial key; in case the customer wants to resell the car.

Example: If the car is a gift for someone else, the key can carry a personal inscription, or the housing it self can have self designed form, a.s.o

Need addressed by this product

The serial key that needs to be embedded into the 3D-printed part...

Further elaboration of the product

First Idea: Inlay/Chips to be printed for a conventional key. These inlays can carry inscriptions or symbols, anything the costumer wants.... 4 examples are presented in the picture ("Keep Calm and Drive on"/"Where the wild things are"//"Build for you")