Buzz Bento Box ㋡ ⭐️ Update! ⭐️
A handy and practical 3D printed Bento Box/Lunch Box, in the likeness of the VW ID Buzz ~ or custom!

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Adults and kids alike will love the I.D.Buzz Bento Box! Active people and especially families put their cars or vans through a lot of abuse. The kids always have to have their lunch or snacks with them. Mom brings some extra snacks with her, just in case. But she hates all the plastic bags, they don't hold up too well. Crackers, grapes, whatever seem to find their way to the floor in the most tucked away places. It would be nice to have a new system for snacks to go with my new VW I.D. Buzz.


Easy! The new I.D.Buzz Bento Box. Everybody will want one. With 3D printing, kids and adults can interact with the printing process. Create a one of a kind design for your Buzz Bento Box, or add your name or logo. It will be your own personal snack container for when you're traveling in your Buzz. "My truck-lovin little boy will love the Tire/Wheel Bento Box."


The I.D.Buzz Bento Box is a perfect size container for the kids snacks. Easy to use, with a lock tight seal to keep your snacks or small items neat, clean and safe.

Since it's 3D printed, it can be customized just for you. Add your name, your favorite saying, or a logo. Choose an ID Buzz pattern and colors of your choice.

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☜ I.D.Buzz ~ Wheel Bento Box.

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Further elaboration of the product

Customize your Buzz Bento Box to match your style, or to match your new I.D. Buzz. With 3D printing you can configure your Bento Box with two, three, or four individual compartments. Pack a lot of goodness in a small convenient size.

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