hang stand
It has ball joints and links which has variety of stands for different customers

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


this stand is allowed for customization according to customer requirement such as if he/she is looking for 1) mobile / tablet stand 2) speakers stand 3) book holder 4) plates/dishes/cups for kids 5) tools holder during maintanance 6) small indoor games like chess/ludo/words games can be played on the stand easily during long journey


It is very flexible device which has snap fit joint at bottom by which we can easily place different types of stands and holders as per customer requirements of both target groups. It can be very easy to attach the stand on the top of the roof with the magnets on the rails of the edges of the inside of car and not only for buzz, but for many other cars.


1) Generally during car transportation we can't play indoor games like chess,ludo,etc. comfortably which is solved.

2) Also the stands of mobiles & tablets are kind of easy to use hang stand it is fully flexible with the ball type joints (advantage of 3D printing) by which we can set our phones as per our comfort.

3) Children can eat drink & share easily without keeping their hands holding plates and cups.

4) Speaker and books can be moved and changed easily for listening & reading

Need addressed by this product

easy to attach and remove and no limit of mounting. mount it anywhere on roof .

Further elaboration of the product

No problem of reach extension because of ball joints

Further elaboration of the product

It is snap fit joint at the bottom so one can use any of the stand or holder as per the requirement like speaker holder, mobile stand, dish holder, and many more.....

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