MMCG - Multifunctional Modular Custom Grid
Fully 3D printed modular grid squares which allow for enormous amount of applications!

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Both target groups for VW ID Buzz have something very basic in common - they travel inside it. Either through the busy city or around the countryside, people move with the vehicle. What if a fully 3D printed object can be offered, one that suits everyone's needs and cover many possible use cases? What if it's relatively cheap and easy to produce, allow for customization and its modularity is a big factor in fulfilling many applications? Glimpse at printable materials linked inside 3rd parties.


MMCG is a 3D printed object which aims to be a-must-have for VW ID Buzz owners! That's the goal. For this to happen, its features have to convince both target groups that they can rely on it and find an useful application. VW will have a great item to offer, either as stock equipment or additional purchase, while making customers happy about owning it. It's a win win! Eventually MMCG might become desirable for other target groups as well, which opens a lot of commercial opportunities.


MMCG means Multifunctional Modular Custom Grid. It consists of fully 3D printable square elements (many sizes) which can be stacked together in a lot of ways, forming different objects or used on their own as panels. MCMG is to be printed from various 3D materials, such as ABS, TPE, TPU, ASA, etc. It is feasible to produce; strong, light and durable; easy to transport; offers unlimited amount of applications: used as floating mats through doing sports to forming cubes for personal BUZZ storage.

Need addressed by this product

MMCG allows customization, combining various patterns and colors for unique, personalized looks. Panels may be stacked over each other if need be, raising the comfort and stability in certain applications. Fixing one grid to another is either done through rings (as showed) or by tongue and groove.

Further elaboration of the product

MMCG can be printed in many sizes: 20x20, 40x40, 80x80 cm, etc. Use cases inside VW BUZZ: as personalized storage boxes for private belongings. Tools, clothes, picnic supplies, toys, books are stored and transported separately; as a bin for safekeeping recyclable materials, such as aluminium cans.

Further elaboration of the product

Depending on the size and configuration of MMCG panels, there can be a lot of applications! Use cases outside VW BUZZ: as floor mats for sleeping, picnics and sports, as floating mats for water activities, as improvised tables for party gatherings, as boxes to keeping items arranged, etc.

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