Flower times
Customizable silicone strip

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


One of the VW van owners characteristic is expressing to themselves with their vans. I started the design process based on this subject.


The main keywords of work : Elasticity, Enjoyable, Customizability


Customizable silicone strip provides to both group changeable, arrangeable, elastic toy to express yourselves. My inspirations are old flower times and it's strongly bound with Volkswagen Vans, Buses. I tried to adapted to VW ID Buzz with silicone colorful, different shaped 3d printed strips.
Kids can play with them it enhances their creativity. Also, everybody can create their sceneries.

Need addressed by this product

Different shapes can be printed with suction cups to create different style views. (Retro, modern.....)

Further elaboration of the product

There are many different usage scenarios depending on the creativity of the user. These are some examples.

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