The VAULT - secure, comfortable and portable!
Remember it? Want it? It's back revised! The Vault is the automobile safe box of the future!

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Safety has always been important for people, both for themselves and for their property. If our vehicles contains a safe storage compartment, then some of our worries will go away. The VAULT guarantees that its contents stay securely locked until needed by their owner. It's much more than a simple storage compartment for ID Buzz! From Volkswagen to the folks! 3D printing allows for objects built from strong resilient plastic or metal. Integral parts and electronics might be installed separately.


The VAULT is meant to conceal our valuable belonging from prying eyes and protect our property against theft or break-in, while providing us (the owners; the users of ID Buzz) with seamless access whenever needed. It keeps passengers and their valuables safe! We will not unnecessarily walk around with large amounts of cash or jewelry, because there is a convenient way to store them in our cars. Vital medications, keys and documents could also be kept, staying just a reach away.


The VAULT is connected to Buzz’s interface and has personalized means of security: pin code, fingerprints and phone authentification. If someone tampers with it, an integrated alarm and tracking start operating. The owner also receives an instant notification and can take preventive actions. It couldn’t be opened or taken outside without proper authorization. Additionally, it is children-friendly, only opened by authorized adults, meaning that kids won‘t touch things they’re not supposed to.

Need addressed by this product

Vault could be used as LEG REST and there can be more than one inside the Buzz. People who share a car may insert their personal Vaults, which are accessible only to them. They can carry it somewhere on foot and install their Vaults in another vehicle. Perfect for autonomous cars and shared economy!

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