Idea is to harness solar power from thermocouple

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Electric vehicle generally depends on battery for power, the battery has to be recharged regularly an it requires a charging station.


Some Innovative ideas is already in practice such as solar cells and harnessing solar power.But the cells are bit costly.


My idea is to harness solar power and in this process solar cells are not used instead thermocouples are used. When series of thermocouples are connected in series they result in current multiplication and in parallel they result in voltage multiplication. This is cheaper than solar cells.

Need addressed by this product

It is the design of thermopile and in this the thermocouples are connected in parallel to generate more voltage and it is terminals are connected to battery.In this sheets can be printed and thermocouple as whole unit in 3D printing.

Further elaboration of the product

It is the working of thermocouple when two dissimilar metals are connected at the junctions, the difference in temperature at the junctions result in flow of electrons and produces electric current and in this case the one junction faces sun's radiation and other away from radiation.

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