Buzz Camp
A roof for people that want to use ID Buzz as a campervan allowing a top bed and stand up.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Families with kids usually need 2 beds to allow space for all to sleep when travelling around. Also when travelling is nice to have a kitchen and be able to stand up while cooking or doing stuff inside the van.


The van needs to be highter to allow people to stand up and anso to allow space to add another bed.


This top roof will allow to add a top bed for families with kids and also make it a bit higher to stand up while cooking inside.

Need addressed by this product

Front view of the campervan roof.

Further elaboration of the product

Side view of the campervan roof

Further elaboration of the product

Side render from Rhino of the campervan roof. Person reading a book on the sliding bed.

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