dashboard light design
Customize the illuminated surface of your dashboard with 3D printed lithophane

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


For most vehicle manufacturers, it is already the case today that decorative trim in the interior of the vehicle can be replaced at the customer's request. However, in future interior designs one will see more and more surfaces illuminated from behind and no great possibility to individually design the surfaces. But what if you could design these surfaces yourself and do it all with 3D printing!


This is called lithophane and is actually not so new, because the patent for it was created in 1827. It is a relief representation made of translucent material, which can then represent images in backlight.


With this solution you can personalize your ID Buzz. For this purpose, illuminated surfaces have to be produced in such a way that they can be removed and replaced by 3D printing. The special thing about this is that the customer can print his own pictures by means of lithophane, thus creating an individually appealing vehicle, which the customer can design according to his own taste.

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