Reinventing the Wheel ;)
Buzz ID has a futuristic rectangular steering wheel, yet some people prefer the classic shape.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The new steering wheel of the ID Buzz has a rectangular shape. This futuristic look is more than appealing to those of us who are design oriented, tech savvy and love to try new things. However, the die-hard fans of the classic VW van may have a hard time accepting and adjusting to the new steering wheel design.


The typical person may find the rectangular shape a bit intimidating. For maneuvers like hand-over-hand steering, a round shape wheel is the most intuitive shape.The round shape in a steering wheel has deep roots in our human experience with driving cars. Besides being the familiar, the round shape is easier to maneuver and offers incontestable ergonomics for steering, since the force needed to turn the wheel is equal when applied anywhere throughout its circumference


A 3d printed circular cover for the steering wheel that ensures your hands locate in the same place regardless of the steering wheel’s orientation. Easy to mount/ unmount, while offering the strongest possible fixation. It is printed in nylon plastic, which has excellent mechanical properties and a smooth and finished surface. It’s strength, durability and stiffness make it an ideal choice for this design. The intricate design reduces manufacturing costs while also providing perfect grip.

Need addressed by this product

The add-on circular wheel provides a classic grip, while seamlessly integrating with the existing design lines. Different color options make it easier for individuals to self express.

Further elaboration of the product

Perforated design with intricate details provides amazing strength with reduced material. Printed with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) in plastic nylon. A very wide array of colors is possible.

Further elaboration of the product

Different color options make self expression easier for users.

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