Organic Spheres
A truly artistic object for VW ID Buzz that also covers your recreation moments!

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Families with kids and young adults will appreciate Organic Spheres. Some will enjoy its artistic touch and the presence it brings to their Buzz, while others will find it practically useful in all those moments when playing ball is at hand. We have provided examples that 3d printing Organic Spheres and using them as playing balls is possible with current technology.


People will use their Buzz for various purposes. One of these is to drive somewhere for refreshment, adventure and vacation. These are use cases of wanting to bring a playing ball. Having one might be the party saver and Organic Spheres give this option while keeping artistic impression in the meantime. Spheres are solid and durable, people can play with them at land, on sand and inside water. In addition to spheres, 3d printed hoops for children to play is also viable.


Organic Spheres are completely 3d printed from modern soft and flexible materials such as photopolymers or thermoplastic elastomers. They resemble rubber on touch and feel. Organic Spheres come at various sizes and customers may choose which one suits their needs the best, depending on sport activity. When choosing from various sizes to play with, people end up with a compact artistic object as well! Patterns and colors are adjustable, so that customers own unique personalized Organic Spheres.

Need addressed by this product

The benefit of having an interesting art looking object that can be easily transported and admired everywhere; most importantly, the benefit of bringing a "sort of unique" playing balls and hoops for your family or friends everywhere you go - beaches, ski resorts, lakes, camping, etc

Further elaboration of the product

Different patterns, sizes and colors are available. Most ball-playing sports are covered, at least at recreational level. Spheres allow for elaborate personalization! Buzz owners and family members / friends may own unique Organic Spheres.

Further elaboration of the product

Possible application of Organic Spheres inside VW BUZZ - it could make a great decoration on its own or in combination with flowers, etc. Also, it can offer sport activities to rear sitting kids or adults. The ball could hang down from the ceiling and be passed around or used as a boxing speed bag.

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