Front Bumper
3D printed honeycomb structured front bumper protection

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Many vehicles like SUVS and cross-overs comes with a front bumper to protect the body from getting damaged or from accidents. Front bumpers are usually made out of plastic or fiber-glass. making a fiber-glass product could take time but what if we could 3D print a front bumper. It adds beauty and protection as well. You can also install extra set of fog lights onto it rather than drilling holes into the body.


  1. can be easily mounted onto the body.
  2. Protection to the vehicle body
  3. Make your VW ID buzz stand out from the crowd.
  4. customize by adding fog lights onto the front bumper.


The front bumper should be able to withstand the impact and represent beauty to the VW ID buzz. Generally, these are either plastic or fiber-glass which are not quite strong, plus its heavy and can be easily dented. There are several methods in which it can be manufactured. 1. 3D print out of ABS or other material as a solid structure and reinforce it carbon fibre making it stronger. 2. Use of the bionic geometries to design and print the front bumper.

Need addressed by this product

  1. It will protect you from any impacts or body from getting damaged, But it depends how it will be manufactured. If its 3D printed and reinforced with carbon fiber then it will stay stronger or applying honeycomb structure into 3D printing.
  2. it will add beauty to the vehicle.