A custom 3D printed rear wing that makes your car go BUZZZZ.

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Young people are excited by technology and fun things. They also like to add a new level of customization to their cars.


Car customization has reached a new level with 3D printing technology so you can even design the sound your car make while driving.


Creating an unique rear wing that can make your car sound like for example an "X-wing" from Star Wars brings a new level of fun and customization to your car. With 3D printing we can even design sound and musical instruments. By integrating this technology into a rear wing we can make it sound into an infinite number of ways. A special app will also let the customer create a custom sound for his rear wing.

Need addressed by this product

Young people always have the need to make their personal belongings unique and they also have the need for fun so the "Buzz Tuner" would be a must have accessory.

Further elaboration of the product

The "Buzz Tuner" is a rear wing that acts like a musical instrument. The inside of the wing is 3D printed and tuned to create the exact sound the client wants. The sound tonality can be limited so it cannot exceed legal limits. The client uses a special app to create the sound and order the wing.

Further elaboration of the product

The wing would use a traditional mounting system like the top racks or it could be factory integrated into the car. Although it's interior is fully 3D custom printed, the exterior shell could always be molded. It needs no electrical parts and it uses a mechanical switch if turning off is needed.