Buzz Active Footrest
Active footrest for I.D. Buzz also has a function to collect dusts on the floor.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


I.D. Buzz is a comfortable minivan to travel long ways and see the most amazing places in the world. Even if seats keep passengers comfortable, sitting long hours is a problem for blood circulation. It causes feeling tired and aches.


Keeping feet higher and moving provides a better blood circulation and prevents feeling tired and aches. Giving a twist and adding a functional touch which makes it collect dusts while rolling.


Buzz active footrest holds feet of the passengers high and lets them play with it by rolling. This joyful product also collects dusts, dirts and small rocks on the floor inside and keeps the floor clean.

Need addressed by this product

Buzz Active Footrest raises the feet of the passenger to closer to hearth height. This lowers the blood pressure of feet. Also rounded surfaced footrest lets user play with it by rolling. Movement speeds up the blood circulation of the feet. Passengers can travel more comfortable without aches.

Further elaboration of the product

3D printed mesh design collects dusts by stretching. Lets small particles in and keeps them inside. Removing colorful caps lets taking out the dirt. Caps are placed on the sides to stay away from the floor.

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