USB-to-speaker combo
USB stick that serves as key for speaker and speaker groove

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Entertainment is the key component for the futuristic and mobile Buzz ID. Car owners want their entertainment to stay the same, whether at home, at the beach or in the car.


Having a digital storage device like a USB makes accessing and moving digital content easy and pleasurable.


USB stick with standard USB features for storing digital files such as music and configured as plug-in-play for the Buzz speaker. The body is made of fixable plastic. It also serves as a key for detaching the speaker. So, the speaker won't be movable without the USB stick. This also applies to the speaker groove for that hosts the speaker and other small items like coins and toll receipts. The USB stick is the access to these two components--speaker and speaker groove.

Need addressed by this product

USB stick serves as means of storage for digital files including music but also doubles as a key for detaching the speaker and opening the speaker groove for storing small stuffs. Easily movable, fixable and made of recyclable plastics.

Further elaboration of the product

Slick and branded VW USB stick. Contains also digital instructions and manual for the Buzz. Usable for as a key component for detaching the speaker from the Buzz.

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