3D Stickers
Personalized 3D printed Stickers - Your logo, kids drawing , superhero, statement, Its up to you!

1: Families with kids


Van is like family home. You want to add that special touch and statement that this van is not just object it a place of joy , its a place where you gather with your family like at dinner table. And in every room there are pictures statues and diplomas that remind you of special family moments.


This concept is transformation of home into van , chance to carry out special details and moments - like pictures or your kids drawings, to your van. To bring that same joy and security of family being together where ever you are and whenever you go.


3D printing give us ability to play with shapes and forms as unseen before in industry. This concept uses exactly that features to create personalized statement trough objects and it is a reminder that this is more than a transport vehicle, its a place where we are together. Instead of waiting to reach the destination those small details will tell us who we are and that we should turn to each other while we ride.

Need addressed by this product

3D objects designed alongside Buzz are perfect for personalization of vehicle. It could be , speed limit , Baby in the van symbol, logo , kids drawing or what ever your imagination creates.

Further elaboration of the product

This products are offered as a VW " Gift " when buying a van , to give users a chance to have their on personalized van from day one. By this approach VW creates intimate relationship between brand and user, and more important between user and vehicle.

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