BUZZ Trails
Turn your trips into a real maps, enjoy them during the trip, store them later as memories.

Target groups

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


All our trip planning is done now with the help of digital maps. The issue is that during the actual drive, except for the driver, the passengers do not have a good overview on the trip and the stop-overs. In the case of autonomous driving this can be even more confusing.


A physical map would help all BUZZ passengers to have a fun overview of the areas and stop-overs. The driver can send the digital trip data (form his BUZZ interface or from his mobile phone) and receive it before starting the vacation.

Dedicated "BUZZ Trails" can also be bought, like: - Best Surf-beaches in California" - The Wine-Tasting Trail" etc.


It is a unique way to enjoy your vacation, by 3d printing your planned trips and regions. A QR code printed on the map will link everybody to the online travel blog, to store all the media (photos, etc.) or to other BUZZ drivers who have already been there, with tips and recommendation. After the trip, you can have a physical memory of it that you can store in home or in the car, with easy link to your digital memories also. 3D printing is the ideal medium for this, since every trip is unique.

Need addressed by this product

city maps, terrain maps or abstracted trails can be printed

Further elaboration of the product

Storing your 3D printed map at home, after the trip.

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