3D Pen for Kids
BUZZ branded 3D drawing pen and custom 3D printed pots, stenctils

1: Families with kids


Kids usually get bored easily during long car trips. Digital devices are a common solution, unfortunately they keep kids looking only at screens and do not leverage fully their creativity.


A modern yet more physical way to engage kids in being active and use their imagination can be inspiring them to actively creating something and at the end also be proud of their creation.


3D printing pens are a fun way to spend time for kids during the long trips and an alternative to screen games. Topics can include flower pots, landscapes, characters etc. Stands and dedicated base and stands can be ordered online, to fit the dedicated BUZZ display shelves. At the end they can display their 3D creation in the window.

VW could partner with a 3D pens company and create a dedicated BUZZ branded Pen, with custom packaging and themes for kids. Approved 3D pens are safe for children.

Need addressed by this product

The flowers theme also link with the heritage of the VW Bus and the hippy generation

Further elaboration of the product

Flat 3D pen drawings of the landscape can also be displayed in the window with the help of dedicated frames. One can imagine also partially printed layouts, to be filled in by the kids during the trip (like colored books).

Further elaboration of the product