3D printed Pillow.

1: Families with kids


Long family rides often result with someone taking a nap. We are all familiar with pillows that instead of helping, create even worse situation and bigger pain in neck.


Solution should target ergonomic solution to mentioned issue.


3D printed materials allow us to avoid some of the issues with using the travel pillows. It avoids overheating and sweating with its open form. Follows body form and it is semi flexible , giving us required softness. It is easily attached to safety belt there fore secures it position - addressing another common issue by avoiding any undesired movements while asleep.

Need addressed by this product

Pillow is attached to safety belt. Outer layers could be 3D printed or made from other materials. Main emphasis of product is in middle 3D printed layer that with its shape and material properties provide air flow and user centered physical flexibility. It bents according to body pressure.

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