Buzz Elements
Printed elements that work along with what is already there.

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Target group: Travellers

Observation: Transport, Flexibility, Adjustability.


Implement tools to create flexibility and adjustability within the space of the VW Buzz.


Providing a framework of modular part in which it allows the user to adjust their VW Buzz space to its desired need. Also opening up a platform in which people can add or adjust parts that provide for broad or niche travel needs.

Need addressed by this product

The placement of the parts in the VW Buzz

Further elaboration of the product

Parts shown in use.

In use, it enable you to tie or attach things to. (example transport or any other specific usages) Stored away in the chair compartment it becomes a second use as a hook. (example trash bags.

Further elaboration of the product

Modular to other pieces, for other usages. Like this foot rest / door mat, fixed in the same way.