The pocket
An accessible pocket where you can drop all your pocket stuff for a comfortable trip.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Functional - Parents with kids - they usually have quite a lot of small objects through their pockets that they need to have whiting reach. Functional & Aesthetic - Young people, design oriented, like to neatly arrange stuff for that perfect Instagram photo.


An easy accessible pocket to drop all your stuff would be really helpful! If you would think about a display shelf in your car, how would it look?


The pocket - is a multi functional tool where you can neatly store your stuff while travelling while keeping everything visible and accessible, and also it can serve as a photo ledge / display shelf where you can display photos, notes, maps. Tailored around your needs, the pocket can be customized with your name on it, complimented by graphics that represents your lifestyle. It comes in both solid or flexible plastic (ninjaflex filament).

Need addressed by this product

3d printing allows for customization, the client being able to choose the colour, the texture and even have their name on it.