Sticky Surf
Sticky Surf is flexible product that folds like origami and holds your accesories at their place

Target groups

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Technology logic and material driven group.


Products should be intuitive and represent new era of thinking and problem solving, trough materials and shape.


Intuitive flexible surface like product, that acts like adhesive layer from one side and velcro like layer from another. Main purpose is to create fraction between products placed on it and to maintain their position wile driving the car. It could be used on table , control panel or wherever your imagination find it suitable.

Need addressed by this product

Sticky Surf is fold able, flexible product that folds like origami and holds your accessories at their place no matter how curvy road is. Sticky Surf is made of 2, 3D printed, layers made from different materials which intersect each other while combining their properties.

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