Air grille to prevent condensation during the night while camping

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


SCENARIO 1:While camping, during the night, condensation makes the sleep uncomfortable. SCENARIO 2: During hot days, leaving your pet or child in the car while shopping is really dangerous due to high temperatures that occur with the windows up


Rolling down your window just a bit will help keeping fresh air inside but the car is now vulnerable to bugs, thieves or your pet can escape through the cracked window.


”Airin” is a product meant to keep fresh air in, while deterring other things to get inside or ”escape” from the car.

Need addressed by this product

Really straightforward in installing it, ”Airin” wedges between the window and the door frame.

Further elaboration of the product

The holes are sloped upwards to deter the rain from getting inside. A mosquito net can be installed on the back.

Further elaboration of the product

Endless customization. Client can choose between colors and patterns to match their own taste and personality. The hole pattern can also be customized (2 examples shown)