Dog & Table
Variable dog box transforming to a small camping table

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Many poeple have a dog. During the ride they need a dog box that needs a lot of space. You can not use this box only for the dog. With only one hand, the dog box is converted to a small camping table. The box can be fastened in the bottom rails of the bus.


Handy for dog owners who like to stop wherever they want.


The box can be completly 3D-printed, including doors, locks, hinges and the folding table. With two doors, one on each side, the box is variable usable. You don´t need space for a dog box and a camping table. The table is the dog box and the dog box is the table.

Need addressed by this product

The box outside the Buzz!

Further elaboration of the product

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