bottle hodle
A flexible scalable bottle holder

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Bottle hodle When going for short trips, picknicks a vacation or just grocery shoppinng. Bottle and cans are often laying around in the back of the car. Due to the shape even te smallest corner will make them fall and afterward the roll and tumble around in the car. This creates damage an annoying sound and somethimes leakage occurs.


There should be a multi purpose flexible solution that ideally is also scalable.


The bottle hodle is a hexagon tube shape that can be connected. The holders interconnect and create a flexible modular system to store round items or to be used (or misused) for other tasks.

Need addressed by this product

The top left shows how the bottles interconnect and can be slided in to eachother. At the bottom right a section is displayed with bottles in it.

Further elaboration of the product

internal use in the living areainternal use in the living area

Further elaboration of the product

added the option to mount a shoulder strap or a handle in to the same sliding/locking mechanism.

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