Water to the rescue
A water turbine that charges devices when camping.

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


When camping, electricity is scarce. This problem becomes especially painful if the adventures lasts more than a day and the Buzz is not around ☹. Phones, action cameras, lanterns and all the other gadgets need to be regularly plugged in.


Power banks are a viable solution but only for short-therm scenarios. How about solar, water or wind?


“Water to the rescue” is a portable water turbine that can charge all devices we need in our adventures. Flowing water is a great source of continuous electricity and also has the power to provide due to its density (compared to air). The device is simple to install and can be easily carried around.

Need addressed by this product

The system uses the DC motor as a dynamo in order to generate electricity.“Water to the rescue” does not use a battery pack;it charges devices directly from the engine. Users have the option to charge a portable power bank(already owned or bought separately)and charge devices from it at a later time

Further elaboration of the product

When submerged, the peripheral disc slides in the open position resulting in a pressure decrease and a velocity increase of the water flow passing through the device.

Further elaboration of the product

All yellow parts are 3D printed and the rest of the components will be bought separately and sold in the kit. Necessary parts to acquire (DC motor-8 €, rubber gasket, 8 screws, nut, electrical wires, USB socket, rope).

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