3-Dimensional Scalable Superstructure Handle

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The pursuit of individuality and personalized items grows. The main thing, despite of industrial manufacturing of using 3D Print is the "customization of things". It's expected due to the increase of quality 3D printers for home users that customers will become more involved in the production of end products. Certainly there will be a gap between some experts who have the abilities to model complex 3-D parts and more private users which may only change colors and materials to their needs.


The design of the v[i]w[i] provides the data which can be used for modifying readymade 3-D files on the basis of changing material and color. The modeling will come from engineering professionals handed out to customers which can personalize their chosen design on demand or themselves by ordering the 3-D file. In case of automotive interior/exterior design you have a lot of variations to chose from. The corporate logo from vw merged to the shape asures the brand's uniqueness.


A dynamic superstructure layout that forms an handle with an incorported VW-Logo on top of it. It's three dimensional naturecan be scaled proportional to different sizes. Materials for building the structure can be manufactured out of every 3d-printable substance that works with 3D-Printers providing a certain stability. Minimum recuirement: The material must be recyclable. Despite of it's purpose it can also be just a decorative sculptural piece of art for enthusiasts admiring the new vw-buzz.

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The design is 3D printable for the second phase of the project.