Hercules (updated)
Hook to secure luggage and other objects

1: Families with kids


The users of this type of vehicle always carry as luggage objects and elements that must be insured because with the movement of the vehicle they can move and cause some damage


Boxes, luggage and other objects must be secured or have an anchor point


An anchor is proposed using the rails of the Buzz chairs, which serves to secure cargo, luggage and other objects by means of ropes, straps or commercial elastic

With this same hook, it is proposed to implement the roof inside the Buzz vehicle internally to achieve the anchor or tie many more accessories. With this simple system of fixation of 1/4 of a turn, you can make several types of heads according to the needs of the client with the alternative of open hook at the end of this presentation

Need addressed by this product

When it takes luggage and has no support this tends to tip over and possibly to damage the content or the vehicle or threaten the safety of the acupantes. This anchoring is easy to place only by inserting it into the Buzz rails and rotating it at 90 ° a pressure system on the hook keeps it in place.

Further elaboration of the product

open head

Further elaboration of the product

open head

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