Funky Buzz Custon Lights
Funky Buzz Custon Lights

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The lights of the vehicle change the character of it.


Why not give the option to choose your own lights?


Here we can see diferent shapes for the lights, may be the customer will request a specific shape!

There are 2 options to make this happen, one will be electronically with LEDs and the other one with a 3D printed layer that can be stuck to the Buzz on the headlights. (see slides for both solutions).

Need addressed by this product

Why not let the customer print their own light shape? here are some proposed light shapes that give different personalities to the vehicle.

Further elaboration of the product

Solution1: 3D printed layer that can be sticked to the car outside the headlights.

These shapes are printed in flexible material to adapt to the shape of the Buzz headlights. They have a layer of material on the outside that charges with the daylight and glows in the dark to quickly find the car at night.

Glow in the dark:

Further elaboration of the product

Solution 2: Buzz lights are made with 3D printed LED panel, this is controlled from the car pc to select the desired shape lights.

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