An innovative retractable side step element
This element works autonomously. Manufactured using additive manufacturing technology.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Most young people and families with kids are driven to buy a vehicle by its design and innovation. They often prefer an affordable car with all the state-of the art technologies at their fingerprint.


This feature has to be inbuilt along with the vehicle. The parts can be manufactured with the state-of the art technologies such as additive manufacturing technology.

  1. This feature will bring a futuristic look into ID Buzz.
  2. Increases the comfort of the passengers.
  3. Due to 3D printed part, the element can be fully customizable.
  4. The element can be made to glow in the dark due to the flexibility of the material and make it stand out from the crowd.


This new element will add some new look into VW ID BUZZ. This works autonomously where this element along side the doors retracts with the door opening. Already, VW has made the ID BUZZ look futuristic and this element will go along with it.

Need addressed by this product

Retracts with the door opening. Makes the BUZZ looks more futuristic. It acts as an extra step to get in your vehicle, creating comfort and value to the vehicle. It can be adapted to other brands as well. Could come in handy for elderly people and kids getting into the vehicle.

Further elaboration of the product

Things like a welcoming note when you open your door adds a certain value when you are developing futuristic products. Personalize your own texts and colour. May be have an inbuilt display and choose yourself what to display on this new feature.

Further elaboration of the product

Inspiration from the Rolls-royce future concept car.

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