Roll the Buzz
The idea might provide some fun to small kids on the road within VW I.D. Buzz.

1: Families with kids


Families with small kids usually experience difficulties when drive long distance. The main reason is young member of family who cannot seat for hours in the child car seat.


Small kids must be entertained during the long distance trip.


This idea is trying to provide some fun to small kids on the road within VW I.D. Buzz. Ball sliding elements that fit to the shape of seat could be easily 3D printed and attached to the seat back side. By using double side tape the elements could be in cheap and simple way mounted to the seat and also very easily removed.

Need addressed by this product

There are two steps here, one is to get started the game by putting the balls into the sliding elements on the seat back. The kid must be happy to see rolling balls from the seat top. When all balls are in the basket the same person would just take the balls from basket and continue the game.

Further elaboration of the product

3D elements are shown here as very simple. They could be shaped according to the seat shape and therefore become much more complex. In addition, balls rolling dynamics could be also taken into consideration in shaping 3D elements.