Buzzing Kit
This idea is a multipurpose kit useful when you want to enjoy a trip surrounded by nature.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


When the family and young people go for a camping trip could be useful to have the possibility to wash vegetables, to cook, brush the teeth, shave and refresh yourself. It would be fantastic to have all these features inside of a compact box.


The Buzzing kit has been thought to have the 3D printed external covers, which are the support of the system, whereas the other components are standard parts as the water tanks and the induction hob or parts made by traditional manufacture (as laser cutting) used to holder the mirror and as kitchen worktop.The legs are composed by bent tubes attached to the 3D printed covers by two screws. The Buzzing kit could be used both inside and outside of ID Buzz.


This idea has been created to satisfy the camping requirement useful during the ID Buzz battery charging or in every situation that you can connect to power supply. It works with 110-220V to cook and 12V to enjoy the other features. It is useful to prepare the lunch, to wash vegetables and fruits. In other moments, it becomes an indispensable accessory to shave, to brush the teeth and refresh yourself before of a beautiful evening.

Need addressed by this product

This picture shows the summary of the Buzzing kit features

Further elaboration of the product

This picture shows the components of the Buzzing kit.

Further elaboration of the product

This picture shows how the Buzzing kit works.