I.D Hub
The I.D hub is your on-the-move assistant that docks into a 3D printed customisable hub.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Families need a travel companion. They need something to entertain them on long journeys and answer questions like ‘Are we there yet?’. Parents need to be able to think of new places to go and explore whenever they like. Something to bring the whole family together.


Young people need a hub, something to gather around and socialise. They need somewhere to go and something to do. Instead of talking through social media, they need somewhere to meet up and bring the party with them.


The I.D hub is your on-the-move assistant. With a precision sound speaker, ambient light and a scent diffusing humidifier, the I.D hub is all the comfort you need away from home. Designed to move with you, the I.D docks in a 3D printed hub customised to suit your style. Take it out and about! It will light the way, provide the soundtrack or direct you back to your BUZZ if you venture too far.

Need addressed by this product

I.D Device alongside the a customisable 3D printed hub. The stylish and neutral aesthetic that fits with the interior allows the hub design to be an eye-catching work of art of a more minimal design - customised to the user's taste. Demonstrating the light feature and that I.D can stand alone.

Further elaboration of the product

Each customer can personalise/customise their own I.D with a unique Hub. Each Hub is designed to be sculptural which means that traditional manufacturing methods cannot be used. The Hub will be manufactured using additive manufacturing to create some truly bespoke and beautiful creations.

Further elaboration of the product

Advancements in Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process technology can create injection moulded quality parts in small production runs. Complex internal structure of the I.D Hub and highly detailed outside panels will be manufactured in Small Batch Production using STEP Technology.

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