Advanced deployment power unit

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Both families and adventure seekers find themselves in certain locations with limited to no access of modern technological requirements, and spend considerable amount of time locating the ideal setting or scene to base their VW Buzz.


We understand these families and the adventure seekers appreciate the accessibility of modern technology at any time, and any location. They require a completely customisable solution that is both convenient and satisfactory, 3D printable to fit any part of the roof, or even any VW electric vehicle.


Buzzed! - Advanced Deployment Power Unit Completely modular & customisable equipped with WiFi hot-spot using both GSM & satellite connections
Providing 1.000.000mAh power bank, rechargeable via wind & solar power/Early warning weather station & SOS alarm/Easily detachable via suction caps and relocated to a bright, windy location where it can recharge/Buzzed! contains a drone which can be deployed to locate the perfect location to set up base or capture those memorable moments

Need addressed by this product

Staying powered and connected with areal vacation footage. Our Buzzed! has a drone, to be deployed to find the perfect resting spot in the nature, or best surfing waves.

Further elaboration of the product

Solar panels on top and retractable air intakes allow green recharging of the waterproof unit, anywhere. Staying connected and fully charged has never been easier.

Further elaboration of the product

Being fully 3D printed, modular and customisable, users can develop their own compartments, add additional devices and even different charging modules, as water power generator... Customized and 3D printed to make it fit every roof and for every owner.