Buzz Charger
Idea is to charge while driving from wheels

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


For long trip it is necessary to have backup power for the vehicle as charging station may not be available when it is required.


There are many ideas available to charge but in those cases a special space is required for apparatus.


In this case the power to charge is taken from vehicle itself and doesn't requires any special space for design. In my case the power to charge is taken from vehicle wheels. The apparatus is attached to wheels and as the wheel rotates it generates power , it can be stored for backup or connected to vehicle battery.

Need addressed by this product

The charger has two parts the the round magnet and copper coil. The coil remains stationary and when wheel rotates the magnet rotates where coil is in middle, this produce induce emf and produce electric current and can be stored separately.

Further elaboration of the product

It describes the parts and function. It can be 3D printed, the sphere is normally manufactured by molding and this process requires die for each size and customization requires lot of work. Whereas 3D printing could alternate solution to print whole components.

Further elaboration of the product

calculation of power produced