The Fit Peg
Fitness on the move

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Aren’t those cross-country drives an agony, making you crave for a good ol’ stretch? Your fitness tracker is probably annoying you on the trip to hit the gym. Be it a fitness freak or a working parent with no time for the gym, people from both target personas want a much needed work out. But who would want to carry an entire gym wherever they go? Not to forget the expensive equipment required.


All the extra time on hand that autonomous cars provide is best put to use by burning some calories! The spacious interior of ID Buzz makes it convenient to work out in the car. There is a need for a solution that utilizes the time and space available, and addresses different exercising needs on the go. The solution needs to be flexible to cater to a diverse group of people and easy to use. 3D printing can enable us to create a solution that is economical and customizable to individuals.


The Fit Peg is a 3D printable portable device that allows you to exercise both when the car is moving and stationary.

This is achieved by the unique design of the fit peg (shown inset) that allows it to be fixed or move freely on the rails. Several exercise variations ranging from stretching to strength training can be performed by using standard exercise bands and ropes that hook on to the peg head. The pegs can be positioned to suit individual needs and body dimensions.

Need addressed by this product

There is a need for physical activity, be it just stretching or a workout while on a long trip. The Fit Peg addresses this need by letting the user exercise both when the car is moving and stationary. Several exercises depending on the need can be performed by using one or multiple pegs.

Further elaboration of the product

Each peg consists of two components, the bottom part which snaps onto the rail and the top part which allows commonly available band/rope to hook on. The tapered thread design used to mate the components automatically tightens the bottom component onto the rails as the top component is fastened.

Further elaboration of the product

The complex and intricate details in the peg design necessitate 3D printing. In addition, 3D printing offers the ability to modify either one or both components of the peg based on other applications not restricted to exercise. 3D printing is an economical option for these modifications.

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