3d Printable Organic Hubcaps
Choose from various designs, shapes, colors and textures to create your very own, unique hubcups

2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Young, design savvy individuals and couples that value latest trends and fashion styles and at the same time wish to underline their individual personality.


We need a simple system of automated designing and 3D printing that allows customers to create and adjust their own unique designs of the hubcups or/and rims. A simple app containing a wide range of styles and personalizing options (colours, materials, details etc.) with a possibility to combine them.


Relatively cheap and very quick system of personalizing rims based on application that allows self or guided rim designing and adjusting and later 3d printing. It can be anything from premium service of printing the whole rims from aluminium to budget and simple hubcups personalization. The example shown on the visuals is just one of a limitless number of possible designs.

Need addressed by this product

The design is aimed at the benefits of 3d printing. Sophisticated, organic design would not have been possible to produce with casting technology.

Further elaboration of the product

An example of rims. It can be anything from simple and classic styles to modern futuristic designs.

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