CarFreshener (UPDATED)
Users would be able to print and customize their own car freshners.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Families with kids, and people liking innovation and feeling identity as something important in their lives. Also users that look for practical, multifunctional objects.


Families would like to have a personalized and customizable item in their cars.


Persons would be able to print themselves (or something they like, like their pet) into an air freshener. They could chose the fragance, colour and so. They would have a customizable item instead of the normal and common ones they sell in the market. Car fresheners would be printed in paper pulp based filament that can be “refilled” with scented oil or even user’s own perfume, once the smell has worn out.

Need addressed by this product

Material would be paper pulp-based filament infused with smell. Once this smell is worn out, users could add scented oils or their own perfume to bring back the smell.

Further elaboration of the product

Paper pulp would be absorbent enough to be infused with scented oils or perfumes. And it would be ecofriendly.

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