ID Keys
Entirely 3D printed, ID Keys provide every family member with personalized access to the ID Buzz.

1: Families with kids


For families with kids, multiple drivers, passengers, and use cases mean needing to continuously adjust things like seats, mirrors, driving modes, layouts, and radio channels manually. The problem becomes even more pronounced with autonomous vehicles like the ID Buzz, where a driver will no longer need to be in the car to drop off kids at school, pick up supplies, or take the football team to their next game.


Some of the needs that we can draw from the observations are providing access to multiple users, enabling people to adjust quickly between different settings and restricting types of access to passengers (parental control, ridesharing, etc).


ID Keys provide every family member with personalized access to the ID Buzz. Entirely 3D printed, each ID Key has a unique surface geometry that can be detected by simple software via the ID Buzz cameras, eliminating the need for expensive electronics.

Need addressed by this product

Families can choose to buy more ID Keys online, adjusting the settings of each key can be done both in the vehicle or via an app, and parental controls keep kids safe. Individuals may choose to use multiple ID Keys to instantly switch between different modes like driving, sleeping, or entertaining.

Further elaboration of the product

ID Keys can be carried or worn in multiple ways by snapping into injection molded or 3D printed accessories like watch bands. Encouraging further customization and creativity, kids can make their own ID Key accessories, in addition to purchasing from VW or aftermarket vendors.