Universal holder / hanger
A hanger which can be placed on different surfaces / objects to hold bags, etc.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


It is based on personal experience while driving alone / with the kids Situation 1: when I am driving alone, I usually place my handbag on the passenger seat. Last week somebody cut my way and I had to make a "full braking". My purse flew all the way down from the passenger seat Situation 2: when we are driving with the kids, they usually have they own little bag with them (books, toys, etc.) which they usually place on the floor and it is not always easy to pick it up and take something out


In order to solve the 2 different situations described above, I was thinking on coming up with a hanger, which can be used in each and every car, and it can be fixed on different places (the back of a seat, on the table, etc. - for more explanation please see the attached slides). The holder / hanger is universal and can be used also outside of the car, so for example while camping to hang on something in the tent.


See above.

Need addressed by this product

The holder / hanger can be printed in different colors.

Further elaboration of the product

The hanger í/ holder can be printed in different colors.

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