A 3D printed seat damper that absorbs small to medium vibrations.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


On long drives or even just on a short trip to the supermarket, comfort inside the car is essential and one of the most important factors in vehicle design. The car suspension/wheel dampers assure a ride without big vibrations, but what about smaller and medium vibrations?


There is a need for a solution that can eliminate small to medium vibrations inside the car in order to make the journey truly smooth. The existing solutions with springs and air cushions are too expensive and complicated to make. 3D printing technology is the answer.


3Damper is a 3D printed seat damper that absorbs small to medium vibrations, enhancing passenger experience by offering a truly smooth ride. There are no complicated parts or the need for labor-intensive assembly, it's just ONE single 3D printed structure with elastic properties.

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CUSTOMISATION: The stiffness of the damper varies depending on the 3D printed structure, it increases or decreases proportionately to the size of the internal holes. Depending on the weight of the driver and passengers, different structures can be calculated and 3D printed for individual comfort.

Further elaboration of the product

STRUCTURE EXAMPLE: This 3D printed object has elastic properties that make it return to its original shape once the external force is removed.