BUZZ multibox system
BUZZ multibox system

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The new BUZZ will be like the old BULLI was -used by many people for all kind of fun traveling hobby on job´s and much more - but what do they all need together ? - but what do they have in common – all customers of the new BUZZ need storage for all kind of activities …..


my idea is to produce a stylish multibox system in several sizes from small to large for all needs even custom made size could be done.

Grid system that fits to the BUZZ measurments several sizes in width and height several options and devider system heavy duty multibox system strong handles and hinges heavy duty corners lock system boxes with rollers boxes for tools hobby fun cooling box PET boxes dog/cat

Please see images


multibox system for traveling outdoor - beach - camping hobby - fun job - service companies - police - red cross - THW forest worker and many more

Need addressed by this product

BUZZ multibox system - backround image google find belongs ev. to VW

Further elaboration of the product

please see images - larger images are available

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