Seat Storage Mesh
A 3d Printed Silicone Mesh (with various patterns) covering your seat to store things from your car

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


Either you're driving your car in the city (to the workplace and back, taking your kids form school etc) or you're heading to a long trip (with your friends or family), there are always things in your car (bottles, notebooks etc) you need to store in a quick manner. Especially you have kids in your car.


While driving car, your family or your group of friends need a tool or a place in the car where they can easily throw their useless things for a period of time, until their next use case.


VW offers a 3d Printed Storage Mesh to its customers, made up from silicone, that helps them to store their various things, like bottles, papers, mugs, notebooks, laptop and the list is much more longer. The mesh can be printed with various shape patterns and colors. Then, it is molded on the car seat, by taking its shape.

Need addressed by this product

The Mesh addresses the utility needs by transforming the entire back side of the car seat into a place to store various things, also in an aesthetic manner.

Further elaboration of the product

The Storage Mesh can take up different shapes, patterns and colors. Any mesh can be personalized or customized, then sold via Volkswagen marketplace.

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