Free-hands tablet case
Enjoy your own traveling cinema anywhere.

1: Families with kids and 2: Young people driven by design & innovation


The people don't wish stop to see their favorite entertainment anywhere. For the family, the Free-Hands Table Case is an excellent device to enjoy long periods travel, because each one can appreciate the material that choose individually without to disturb to other. For the young people this solution provides a wonder tool to keep them online while they are travelling.


Free-Hands Tablet Case is attractive for everyone. The car's manufacturers can use it to bring the drive experience rather away, adding other systems like external cameras, and then connect those with the tablet in the case. This feature will be very useful when the autonomous driving is running and the pilot and passengers wish to use the tablet free and safety.


Free-Hands Tablet Case have two principal and separable pieces: the base that bind the system to the header of the car's seat and the tablet hook. This modular design makes easy the mounting and dismantle process, and its rotation elements provides the user the possibility to adjust whole system position.

Need addressed by this product

The Free-Hands Tablet Case has the possibility to adjust easily, for its rotation system. The user can rotate it in all directions to achieve the correct position.